Benefits of Children part 1:

Although this blog is called baby’s birth benefits, we haven’t actually spoken too much about the benefits of having children. There are obviously a lot of benefits from the government financially, but that’s not quite what we mean! The fact is there are actually quite a lot, and I know that many people reading this blog are still trying to decide whether they want to have children or not. The fact is, you can look at it in two ways: it’s hard but it is worth it, and it’s definitely very expensive to actually raise children but it’s a lifetime of happiness for you. I have a friend who’s a parent that works in the roofing industry and we agree on these tips too. So let’s discuss some of the benefits that you actually gain from having a child!

From a couple to a family

If you have a partner who you really feel is a life partner and can envision spending the rest of your life with, there really is no closer bond. I became a parent at 27, and although my child wasn’t planned, I can say that I don’t feel that I could have been as happy as I am if it wasn’t for becoming a parent. That, and me and my partner are both closer to each other than we have ever been and could have imagined.

You become unselfish

Even if you’re a working professional, the fact is becoming a parent is a 24/7 job for at least 18 years these days. It is almost like having a cat, if you had to take the cat everywhere and watch it for every godly hour of the day and night. You become what is best described as a servant to your child, because you realise that you need to put the needs of your children first. What you will notice however, is when you are serving your child is when you feel the love the most.

Children make you happier

There is a truth to the fact that children can actually enrich your life. They have an approach and viewpoint to life that is filled with wonder and innocence that is so much different to us as adults day to day that it is actually quite amazing. Everything is new and different to them and every so often you can experience that wonder through their own eyes. I think there is a truth to the fact that while parents originally moan about the lack of freedom that you have as a parent day to day (I definitely did), after a while I realised and you will realise too that being a parent actually allows you to have a richer and fuller life altogether. I experienced a difference in viewpoints and mentally I started feeling much better about everything, and I think that is something that you can only really do as a parent.

Children can teach you

I studied business at school and for the most part especially when it comes to work and learning, I still apply the same techniques I used when I was at school. But the fact is that when I had a child I learnt so much that I didn’t realise I could. I learnt discipline and hard work to an extremity that I never realised was possible (as evidence in my last blog post) and I found it to be an eye opener. I also learnt how to actually apply what I learnt from my child and what I learnt about being a parent much better than I could have otherwise. Just as I learnt how to apply what I could use as a parent when I was at work. I experienced their development as a child and the weirdest thing I was able to learn is new little facts I wouldn’t have otherwise. My children will name dinosaurs I had not even heard of, they would teach me why the sky is actually blue and even teach my history I was completely unaware of. The fact is, it’s actually really cool!

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