Benefits of Children part 2

I spoke about this at first yesterday but this is a subject that I am very interested in and I’m sure others will be too. So here is the rest that I have yet to speak about!

Improvement in Health

I have found that parents keep a much better eye on their health than they did before they became parents. I even do it myself. Truthfully it is because I realised once I was responsible for taking care of another, I needed to take care of myself. I found that I ended up eating a lot healthier and going to the gym more just because I felt I needed to be a better example, but I also want to see my child grow up and have kids of their own. I also feel better psychologically, but overall I just feel better physically and I am not the only parent to experience this.

You will learn more about yourself

For the first 20 odd years of my life I had a sense of not truly knowing who I was, but for the most part I felt like I did know what I liked and what I didn’t, etc. but when I became a parent I realised that I learnt more about myself than I realised. I have become more patient and at the same time have become more in loving to others. I have experienced new things that I realise what I hate as much as what I have suddenly realised I love. I have found a part of myself that I felt didn’t exist, and I have discovered who I am and what I really love; my family and my work.

An increase in your self esteem

There is something quite odd that you realise how much of a self-esteem increase you will get from being a parent at times. When your children call you the best parent in the world, or when they look up to you as if you are the greatest thing in the world and are their hero, it is just the most amazing thing in the world. There is absolutely nothing as amazing for you as hearing those words or seeing that face on your kid and knowing that they truly believe it. It also helps when you can jokingly use it against your partner! The truth is that you become the main figure in your children’s life and in a way your children become the main thing in your life, so although you have to give up so much for your family and to make a true commitment to them, you realise quickly that the rewards are enormous. You can see the positive affects you have on your children, and there is a sense of success as a parent. It truly is amazing.

Permission to act like a child

The fact is you can act like a child again once you have children. If you start playing video games or playing with toys no one can really look at you strangely. You can go to Disneyworld and no one will look at you like you are crazy. You can play football in your socks in the park and you can even just sit around watching cartoons. Quite frankly it’s great!

You laugh more than you think

Now I think we all know kids aren’t exactly stand-up comedians. I don’t mean they will come and tell you hilarious and funny jokes that you will have never heard of before. In fact, some of them are just completely ridiculous.  But you will laugh for hours about some of the things they say and do. It’s hard to describe until you see it.

The love you feel

The fact is, once you are so close to someone and you have someone that relies upon you in life, then you realise that you are experiencing a type of love you never would have otherwise. It isn’t always this way, as sometimes they will actually hate you. Overall, it is definitely worth it.

What do you think?

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