Guiding your child


I felt it fitting only to describe now what it is actually like to have a child, since you can only get benefits of your child being born if you are actually taking care of your child! The fact is, everyone who is a parent knows that it is a full time job. I have a friend who is a Carpet Cleaner in the Merton area who completely agrees. But it goes so much further than that, since you aren’t just working as a parent. You are responsible for another human being and another life. The way you raise your child, even the smallest events can make a severe difference in your children’s outlook towards life and who they become. Many people do not believe that is the case, but quite frankly it is. I’ll give some examples here to what I am saying.




When I was a small child, I believe I was around 1 or 2 years old, I remember my father and mother taking me along black wall bridge as a child in a push chair. It is such a small memory to have, but it was nice to remember my parents being together and for us to be a complete family, especially as the youngest child. Then I remember from when I was around 2 and 1/2 years old, and I was watching my dad play video games, specifically phantasy star. He was really engrossed in the game, but then he would start to cook food for us while he was in the middle of playing. It was another nice memory I have as a child since it was good to remember my father being there. Another memory involving my father was him being up at 3am playing games waiting for my mother to come home from one of her nights out, which happened so frequently. It happened so frequently that when I was 3 I remember them arguing about it quite a lot. Then, the next memories I have up until the age of roughly 7 were all of my parents arguing and splitting up, with me and my mother moving out first, and the family mixing up a lot of times. It was sad, and I remember how much pain and sadness there was in the family even though I was just a child, and they are the only memories that have stuck with my from when I was a child. It was horrible for me looking back on it, and I don’t consider myself to have had a good childhood. But I said to myself when I became a parent, I will never allow my children to have those same memories of me and my partner, because there really is nothing sadder then feeling like you are a piece of an incomplete family. To this day it makes me unhappy.

So that is why I said to myself that my children will have the happiest possible lives. Every day I make sure that these simple things are done, and I consider myself to be an average parent.

Never ague in front of the children, since this is the absolute worst thing you cannot do and your children will remember these events more than others if it becomes commonplace.

Always ensure that everything your children need from food (bottles as a baby all the way to dinner at 7PM as a 7 year old) to their favourite toys and even a special blanket or teddy bear that they might need during the day and night.

In some way, shape or form no matter how I feel or how tired I am, I show my children how much I love them and how happy I am to have them in my lives, and try to show them why they should be happy to have us as parents.

Always make sure that they are happy, and if they aren’t, really listen and find out why.

Make sure that the children only ever see me or my partner when we are in a positive mood, since I think that children really sense that and it makes a huge difference.

This is just based on my personal memories and viewpoints, but those memories I have as a child really defined me, and I know that the small things I do go a long way to make my children happier.









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